All aboard the jaloopy to Hoptanglia!

Along the way you might catch a glimpse of some of the native life forms, such as the polliwatt, an electric tadpole; the junglefuzz, a wild, woolly sheep tousled to distraction; or the bazoobabushka, an old lady with a rocket launcher.

When you arrive you may be invited to partake in some of the solemn cultural traditions, such as skirplicado, the gentle art of creating ornamental shapes by folding speeding tickets; or landguessing, the pastime of predicting where the ground will be when you’ve completed your somersault.

By then you’ll probably be quite hungry, so you can sample some of the local cuisine, such as lampsand, pulverized rice that is fried over an oil lamp and served with a good book; or a grungelo, a purple, hairy fruit with bad table manners; or a woofle, a cross between a hot dog and a waffle.

A Dictionary of Hoptanglish has been published on paperback and Kindle. Now, for the first time, I’m making it available online. Peruse as you please.

Reviews for the print edition:

“A short introduction to an imaginary language that’s close enough to English to raise some fun questions.” – Kirkus Reviews

“It’s all a bit fornoolishing, really.” – The Kettlebrook Gazepticle

Get the book here:         >    >  > >>A Dictionary of Hoptanglish